Liliend’s donut was founded in July 2011 by Liliend’s ( Liant, Lintang, Endang, Sendy ). Our decision to chose the business came from our favorite eating donut that have become habit and preferences since starting college together. Donut is the kind of food is known among everyone. From the old to the olderly.

Liliend’s donut differences with the other donut lies on a soft texture and the content / filling donuts that if eaten will issue a sensation that melts on the tongue and the outer skin of the donut is also wrapped with a variety of toppings that can be tempting to the viewer. For donuts Liliend’s we provide 24 variants topping them topping shredded, almonds, blueberries, chocolate chips, chocolate crunchy, chocolate durian, chocolate banana, lemon, caramel, mint, blackpapper, hazelnut, green tea latte, strawberry mochi, mango, lychee, avocado and another topping. In addition to the tongue indulge consumers, we also accept orders according to their topping.

For a vegetarian you should not be afraid to sample the delights of Liliend’s donuts. Liliend’s donuts are made of natural materials, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, wheat, corn and so on. Besides, we also do not use synthetic preservatives and coloring yet our products can last for a week, because in our manufacturing process is very forward hygiene, so our products are quite hygienic and quality is guaranteed, because it all is a priority of our products.

Less than 1 year turnover from the sale of donuts Liliend’s reach Rp 15.000.000 per month. And we hope that with the passing of our business, we can increase turnover and profits.

Leaving us with a capital of Rp 7.000.000 to market this product began from a friend in the class, then word of mouth of our products is increasingly recognized, and we took the initiative to market products online, through facebook and twitter.

We think the strategy is quite effective because in addition to a free, social networking promotion diakun coud be a gong for marketing force created by the consumer. People who do not know Liliend’s donuts, and they will ask about donuts jamming twett Liliend’s premises will enthusiastically explain. The strategy was successful, donuts liliend’s also a prey item. Almost every day we receive the order, either directly or delivery order.

Right now our customers are not just coming from the students but also from outside parties, such as: office, family gathering, parties and other events. For future plans Liliend’s donuts may be able to continue to grow and have more flavors, and we want to be able to reproduce even a branch set up shop. Liliend’s donuts so they can compete with other donuts and marketing not only in the scope of Java.

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1. Brilliant Hastutie

2. Endang Nurzana

3. Sendy Permatasari

4. W. Lintang Asmara P.D

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