I was watching Rooftop Prince and something made me drooling. It was the omurices Park Ha made for the Your Highness and the three minions. O my, I suddenly felt like trying to make some too. The ingredients are easy to get, it seems easy to cook too, so the very next day I really tried to make one.

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What exactly is Omurice?

Omurice is literally a conjunction of the Japanese words for “omelet” and “rice”. The dish is very popular in Japan and remained a staple in Korea after the Japanese Occupation. The dish can be served many ways, but mostly consists of fried rice that is flavored with beef, vegetables, stock, or tomato sauce. The rice is then placed inside a thinly fried egg and served with ketchup on top. You can order Omurice at many restaurants in South Korea. It is often featured in Kids Meals.

How to make Omurice ?

Ingredients – 2 servings
• 1/2 (50 g) carrot
• 1/2 (80 g) onion
• 1/3 (40 g) red capsicum
• 80 g smoked ham
• 100 g crab stick
• 3 tbsp tomato sauce
• 1 tbsp worcestershire sauce
• 4 eggs
• A pinch of salt
• 2 cups steamed rice
• Some rice bran oil
• Some tomato sauce

-Stir frying rice (You will need a wok)
1. Dice carrot, onion, red capsicums, ham and crab stick.
2. Mix the tomato sauce (3 tbsp) and worcestershire sauce in a bowl.
3. Pre heat the wok on high heat for 10 seconds and add some oil.
4. Add all diced ingredients and saute for 1 minute.
5. Reduce the heat to half.
6. Add the steamed rice and the mixed sauce. Mix them well for 30 seconds.
7. Stop the heat.

1. Beat two eggs in a bowl and add a pinch of salt.
2. Heat a frying pan and add some oil. Pour the egg in the frying pan.
3. Quickly spread the egg and make a thin, large, and round omelet.
4. Repeat step 1 to 4 for the rest of the eggs.

-Shaping (You will need two deep bowls and two plates)
1. When the omelets are made, place them in deep bowls.
2. Put the stir fried rice on top of each omelet.
3. Put the plate on top of the bowls. Turn them up side down and remove the bowl.

1. Make a cross cut on top of the omelets and add some tomato sauce on top.
2. Enjoy!

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